Tres Baias - Almir Cortes, Nando Duarte, Brian Rice

On May 14th I performed the world primeire of a concerto for pandeiro and orchestra by Felipe Senna called Danzas No. 4. The concerto was performed with the Diablo Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Matilda Hoffman.  Also on the program was the Brazilian Choro Suite, arr. Senna and featuring the Berkeley Choro Ensemble.


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Last year's festival was held June 14th at 8pm at the lovely Freight and Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley.  It featured the Echo Chamber Orchestra performing the Brazilian Choro Suite and works by Lea Freire as well as accordion master Vitor Goncalves joined by clarinet virtuoso, Alexandre Ribeiro and percussionist, Roberta Valente and members of the Berkeley Choro Ensemble.  More info at

Tres Baías straddles the last century and a half of Brazilian music, enticing listeners with fresh versions of Brazil's own old-timey music, Choro, that irrepressible string music propelled with counterpoint and infectious danceability.  Choro, the first music from Brazil to identify as a national style, contributed to the development of samba.  Tres Baias' music appeals to bluegrass, jazz and chamber music buffs alike.  The free-flowing 10-string mandolin melodies of Almir Côrtes compliment the rhythmic and contrapuntal 7-string guitar work of Nando Duarte.  Brian Rice of Wake the Dead fame adds his unreal virtuosity on the pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine).

Brian Rice

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On January 10th I was honored to be a part of this amazing roda de choro in Sao Paulo Brazil at the home of Baloi whose band backed all the big names from Rio de Janeiro in the 50s.

From left to right: Allesandro Penezzi, Baloi, Danilo Brito, Brian Rice, Milton de Mori, Carlos Moura.

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